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Tikrit – The Jabouri Sunni Tribe is fighting ISIS along side Shia and Government forces

The Main Stream media is all abuzz and predicting doom in the Iraqi Governments fight against ISIS in Tikrit.  The reason they are predicting doom and gloom is they say the Sunni locals will side with ISIS and make the fight even harder for the Iraqi government. But what they do not talk about is the Sunni militias helping in the fight to regain control of Tikrit. The Jabouri Tribe is one of those militias. They are local to Tikrit and they have strong belief in Government. The Jabbour militia is doing a great job and (click here) showing off their new Iranian sniper rifles.


Many Tribes share Jabbouri belief in government and security, they do not share the ISIS extremist mentalities and they do not regard ISIS as Muslim. The featured image of the woman holding here 2 rifles shows that the Jabbour tribe is progressive and women here do have some rights.


One article I found (here) talks about what happened when ISIS came into Dhuluiya:

ISIS ordered the Jubbouri to join them and to kill 30 members of their tribe — army officers and doctors — as punishment for working with the Shiite-dominated government of former Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki, which many Sunnis despised.

“They said, ‘We came to liberate you from this injustice and oppression caused by Maliki’s rule,’ ” says Ahmed.

The Jubbouris were outraged. Sheikh Mawloud Awad Hassoun says the tribe believes in peaceful co-existence. A lot of them are educated — engineers and lawyers.

Iraqi Sunni fighters secure an area during clashes with ISIS fighters in Dhuluiyah.

Iraqi Sunni fighters secure an area during clashes with ISIS fighters in Dhuluiyah.

Ahmad Al-Rubaye/AFP/Getty Images

“We don’t see ourselves as slaughterers,” he says. So the tribe declined the offer to join the extremists and began fighting against them again.

In the chaotic hallway of this makeshift hospital, I meet Ahmed Issa, who joined the fight against the extremists — and lost his leg.

“They’re criminals,” he says. “They’re killers. If they enter your house, they are going to kill you.”


There is about 150 identifiable Tribes in Iraq, the most influential Tribes combine to for Federations (qabila). Below the Tribe level there is Clans (الفخذ fukhdh) and below that is the House (البيت beit) and then the extended family (الخمس khams).

On its accession to power in 1968, the Ba’ath party announced its opposition to tribalism ( القبلية al-qabaliyya), although for pragmatic reasons, especially during the war with Iran, tribalism was sometimes tolerated and even encouraged.

Tikrit area

Other Families from this region are: – AL-Sonbola (its origin from ALSanabis Branch of Tai Tribe, also its one of the tribes from Tikrit “AL-Tekriti”)

Al Ayoubi Family:

Well known Iraqi Sunni family with roots from the town of Baiji near Tikrit in lower Northern Iraq. They are the sole descendants of the well known liberating Islamic leader Salah El Deen Al Ayoubi “1137 – 1197” who is mainly renowned for the liberation of Jerusalem in 1187 from the might of Richard the lion heart and his powerful Christian army.

Throughout modern Iraq (1920 – present), the family members are profoundly acknowledged by the main streams of affluent Iraqi society as being both a very honorable and wealthy family, with a predominant association and possession of significant traditional culture and western education.

Scholars with significant insights into Iraqi clans have acknowledged and documented various writings about this honorable and powerful family with an almost unified preface that describes the family as being highly renowned throughout history for their overwhelming emphasis on cultural and educational possession and how elders of the family pass such believes with an almost dictatorial but philosophical proficiency to their succeeding generations and so forth. Indeed, some go on to reveal through close association to some family members that the success or failure of any of the family sub branches is overly secured by the branch’s head ability to pass the family values to the successors.

With the family roots going back to the 11th century, modern Al Ayoubi’s have mainly resided in Baghdad with the prestigious Al-Jadriyah district on the Tigris River representing somewhat of an anchorage holding for them.

With a large portion of well known Iraqi families now living abroad, Al Ayoubi’s are no exception; in fact quite a few have maintained a strong presence in London especially after the demise of the British imposed Hashemite monarchy in 1958. During that time, three of the family members held very prominent and influential government assignments, Ali Jawdat Al Ayoubi – PM, Salman Al Ayoubi – Defense minister and Fattah Pasha Al Ayoubi – Foreign Affairs minister.

The wealth of the family is said to be mainly born from the vastly varied business interests, land and property ownership in Iraq, Jordan and mainly London with all of it being predominantly managed and directed by the younger generation of the family under the watchful eye of a group of very trusted and very close associates that have been serving their predecessors in older generations for decades.

This paradigm couldn’t be more reflective, if not obvious than among London’s affluent Iraqi socialites that the faces of Iraqi wealth and money in London are many, truth is however, many of them are fronts to the one or two faces of Al Ayoubi’s”…..

This “charismatic wisdom” which many say was aspired and promoted by Fattah Pasha’s much respected modesty and recognition as the diplomat of all diplomats, seem to have served the Al Ayoubi’s interests “panoramically”, an interesting phrase which I picked up from an academic member of the family here in London; he goes on to say “Fattah Pasha was a philanthropist with un known but large numbers of both individuals and families dependant on his very organized but very secretive donations. He was well recognized for his sharp diplomacy, traditional and religious ethic; somehow, the man was able to manage and master a balance between family interests and those of the outside world from all aspects and angles, be it socially, politically or financially”.

This rather fascinating family “panoramic wisdom” at work since the 1920s, seem to have served its most acclaimed purpose much later in time by diverting attention from the family’s immense social, political and financial possessions in post Royalist Iraq (1958 – 2003), a period which witnessed a few of the family members holding influentially political and military ranks while maintaining a constant almost silent profile.


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