How to Fight ISIS Online

We may control the Air, but the enemy controls the airwaves (Media).

Wahhabism in Qatar and Saudi Arabia

Ian Bach

Get out your Google Earth and check look at Qatar this is a small country but it is significant in the war on terror. There are many followers of Wahhabism here. Wahhabism started in mid 1700s in Saudi Arabia. Wahhabism faded out for many years up until about the early 1900’s

It has spread now to many other Countries. These include Pakistan, Algeria, Somalia, Sudan, Qatar, Palestine, Serbia, Bosnia, and now it is being spread throughout Europe, Americas, Southeast Asia, and even Australia. Saudi Arabia has been a big producer of propaganda magazines to spread Wahhabism. In 2005 the US Senate started to take further actions against the hate propaganda.

Please understand not all Saudis’ or Arabs are Wahhabist. But today most of the people approx. 90% mostly the poor and in Saudi Arabi are followers of wahhabism. The Royal Family are not followers and do not want Wahhabism. Since…

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I love the mountains and people of Afghanistan. From the Wahkan corridor, to Kabul, and the lush valley of Bamiyan

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This entry was posted on March 26, 2015 by in Syria.
Fabrication in BBC Panorama 'Saving Syria’s Children'

Analysis of the 30 September 2013 BBC Panorama documentary 'Saving Syria's Children' and related BBC News reports, contending that sequences filmed by BBC personnel and others at Atareb Hospital, Aleppo on 26 August 2013 purporting to show the aftermath of an incendiary bomb attack on a nearby school are largely, if not entirely, staged.

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