How to Fight ISIS Online

We may control the Air, but the enemy controls the airwaves (Media).

Ghost Sec Speaks with “24′ News Group

The Electronic battle against al Daash terrorist is open to everyone to participate and unleash the campaigns capabilities. It is able to clamp down on the media arm of ISIS and their propaganda, Among the groups that is fighting this war, 24 managed to get access to “Ghost Security Group” also known as “Ghost Sec,” which declares the ideas openly about their fight with the terrorist organization on the Internet. 24 talked with one of the activists in this group, who refused to give his name for security imperatives. Can you tell us about the group that today stands behind “Daash process” electronic which Otalegtamoha? At the outset, it must be noted that, despite the fact that our name. ” Ghost Security “but it can not be completely separated from the group” Anonymous “piracy known for good in the world. However, this group formed for one purpose, which is seeking to activate the “Daash process” to the maximum extent possible, leading to the closure of everything related to the terrorist organization on the Internet, and we are today places our presence in the world, we are working more than 16 hours a day to achieve this goal. How many members of that group, and is there distributed to Members tasks? that there are dozens of those who preferred to stay Msttren and work in secret, to prevent being targeted has been uncovered on the Internet pseudonyms to nine people, all working within the group permanently, depending on demand, with science by the security authorities, because we do the process of piracy are illegal, and by the pro-regulation Daash. The core functions of the group are distributed as follows: operations : the administrator to provide the facilities required for the group and guidance, also offers a list of potential targets, and means of communication and organize campaigns Financing for the continuity of the group. Weapons : The administrator developed special tools that are used in collecting information and monitoring and of course digital weapons used to counter the organization of Web-servers or that support it. Intelligence : official social networking sites and locations of enemy for information that might help us looking, as that translates Entries and tweets, and coordination with the present elements in Syria and Iraq, and in some cases coordination with official authorities when necessary. Special Operations : The official launch and management of sub-processes the quality of a competent psychological battles where technology can have an impact, for example, but not limited to ridicule terrorist groups or their leaders. Public Relations : The administrator makes sure to deliver the message in a clear and explicit to the public through the media means and instruments of social communication. Communication : The administrator makes sure the arrival of our message through social networking sites. Monitoring: the administrator using special tools, in addition to communications users, in order to monitor the accounts of the enemy on the social networking tools that spread terror and supportive messages to Daash. rapid reaction force : electronic intelligence collection, can quickly launch operations without recourse to advance planning CFotSYvWYAAcQoq What Davekm to challenge Daash? We are shaped from a broad range of cultures, for example, from among us Muslims from Syria working with us, we are united because of disgust with the actions of Daash and the way they exploit religion and sayings of the Prophet Muhammad to justify their actions and recruit fighters, knowing that most of the elements of the organization resort to narrow interpretations of religious texts to justify their actions. The primary motivation lies in the effectiveness of the Daash operations recruitment through tools are supposed to be used to raise awareness and enlightenment, not brainwashing, and we found it at the same time that we have the skills required in order to put an end to this matter. In Technical notch, what tools that are used in electronic attacks, and is focused on DDos, or are there other ways? We are fortunate to have a wealth of experience between members of the group, a number of us resort to exploiting the weakness of Internet servers that host websites such as injection “SQL”, ie exploiting any security vulnerability exists a layer database, as well as the exploitation of loopholes Cross Site Scripting (XSS), which is dangerous to modify the content of the web pages that appear in front of the user. I can say that we are somewhat attack DDos, which is done by dumping sites stream of data specialists is necessary heavily causing the slow servers and thus the sites and we have a whole arsenal of attack across networks and applications, including a strong private our team attack. Can anyone join you? I can assure you that 90% of people grouped under the banner of “Anonymous” may not understand something in battles electronic, but the most important issue remains in the Mtabaana redeployment and comment on our achievements as well as provide us with what may raise suspicion on the Internet on the one hand of the organization of the content. You could designate some sites that have been targeted? There “punishment” Forum Alokab, Radio ” blessed “in support of the Daash almubarakradio, site” Global Islamic Media Front “gimfmedia, in addition to the two electronic succession cyberc, and others. – can be seen that the group, as part of its activity, sounded the drums of war against the American company “CloudFlare” to protect Daash sites, you can provide More explanation about that? characterized by the American company “CloudFlare” in it network for content delivery and distribution of domain names and provides improved performance of the service and the speed of websites and provide protection her intrusions or attacks, especially of the type of Dos and DDos to some extent, and today we see that there a large number of sites that should this company should refrain from hosting. For example, there are a number of sites that run on the deployment and redeployment of videos clips depicting the organization of CFl7_oUVEAAqiaSSacrifice, murder or propaganda such as site “Chhamat” Afghan messages in multiple languages. The network “CloudFlare” protect sites announce publicly as belonging to the organization Daash, but calls on the people to join, while ensuring attention to costs such as We started today to publish regulations and footage of a large number of subsidiaries and supportive of the organization and operating sites Under Network “Claudfleur” protection, and this will allow people to see for themselves the terrorist content that is protected by a US company. How can you determine backed by Daash sites and other news of nature that most of what you do publishing news organization? We My dedicated team embraces elements proficient in the Arabic language, and despite the fact that most of the sites are reported as soon as they contain a flag or Daash slogan, but we are working to translate the content and the need to build upon our decision to attacking or not. The same applies to the accounts of social networking sites, but it is the easiest with a translator feature on Twitter and Facebook automatically through Rsdkm hard to spread Daash on the Internet, what can be concluded from the way they work electronically? it must be noted that the method of work vary from state to the other, as, for example, pro-regulation sites in Russia tend to be noisy and public fear nor be removed from the network. As in other countries, the British such as the UK, we find sites that are trying to hide the direct support of the organization through stealthy in Islamic religious messages, and broadcast “holy” is a good example of this. To what extent can put an end to the proliferation of Daash electronically? again, that this is different from state to state, but in general, we renew our call to Internet users that they let us know about those sites or accounts through our website so we study the content and targeted at finding the required reasons for this. Even if the content is a single page containing the information that supports the organization, we want to know that we are studying. Whenever we made ​​it difficult for the organization to publish his letters, I said Daash ability to corrupt young minds. Have you been to communicate with you by government agencies to take advantage of your skills? generally not communicate with us before any government, and we as a group not to read our information from official authorities, and stress that we do not have any support or funding from governments is the Anonymous group criminal. However, we resort sometimes to communicate with governments when needed, for example when we have to inform the US government when the bomb threat in Texas, in addition to the threat of a bomb on a flight from Turkey to Germany and others. – Is the word love delivery to readers 24? In conclusion, it is important to clarify that the battle is not religious, we see that the organization Daash exploit religious messages in order to manipulate youth. While the war raging in Syria, Iraq and affect all who stand in their way, We are concerned also of impact and support Daash in Western countries, especially when we see the young people are leaving their homes for fighting in the ranks of the organization. Our goal is the extermination of content that can Daash of recruiting elements online , and although we are aware of the volume of information published on the network, but we are confident that we make a real change, every part of the information is removed from the Internet contributes to the inability of the organization for the recruitment of an additional person.


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I find and watch ISIS web sites and memebrs on social media. We then report these to servers/hosts and to #OpISIS #CtrlSec #OpIceIsis

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How to Fight ISIS Online

We may control the Air, but the enemy controls the airwaves (Media).

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