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Sign the Petition Free Abdullah Ocalan

Millions of Kurds are rallying unceasingly for Öcalan’s freedom and a political solution. But their voices are often unheard. The language of Art can make a difference.

We are looking for artists who want to support the campaign for Öcalan’s freedom through their art. This can be pictures, drawings, sculptures, videos, songs, poems, texts. Creativity knows no boundaries.

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24 days ago Org. collects 10 million signatures for Ocalan

“We aim for 2015 to be the year of liberating Ocalan,”
“Freedom for Abdullah Ocalan” has announced it has a petition with over 10 million signatures calling for the man’s release.

Ocalan supporters demonstrated in southeastern Turkey on Saturday to commemorate the 16th anniversary of his capture.

The “Freedom for Ocalan” campaign was launched on September 6, 2012 at a press conference in Belgium’s capital, Brussels.

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Democratic Confederalism by Abdullah Ocalan

For more than thirty years the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) has been struggling for the legitimate rights of the Kurdish
people. Our struggle, our fight for liberation turned the Kurdish question into an international issue which affected the entire
Middle East and brought a solution of the Kurdish question within reach. When the PKK was formed in the 1970s the international ideological and political climate was characterized by the bipolar world of the Cold War and the conflict between the socialist and the capitalist camps.

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Originally posted on Global News: ANKARA, Turkey – Imprisoned Kurdish rebel leader Abdullah Ocalan has called on his fighters to lay down arms as part of a peace process to … Continue reading

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