How to Fight ISIS Online

We may control the Air, but the enemy controls the airwaves (Media).

Syrie: l’opposition soutenue par l’Occident a attaqué les civils, selon l’HRW

Les civils paient le prix fort, que ce soit dans les zones contrôlées par le gouvernement ou celles aux mains des rebelles, sans réaction internationale appropriée», a affirmé Nadim Houry, directeur adjoint de la division Moyen-Orient et Afrique du Nord.

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News Source on Sarin Gas in Syria

NYT ignored the conclusions of MIT professor Theodore Postol, who determined at least some of the shells used in the attack were locally manufactured and had a much shorter range than publicly described.

Ultimately, though, Hersh’s biggest piece of news describes how someone — he doesn’t say who, but this part of his story relies on a senior intelligence consultant of unidentified nationality — sent Deputy DIA Director David Shedd a report on June 20 concluding that a former Iraqi CW expert with the capability of manufacturing sarin was operating in Eastern Ghouta.

An intelligence document issued in mid-summer dealt extensively with Ziyaad Tariq Ahmed, a chemical weapons expert formerly of the Iraqi military, who was said to have moved into Syria and to be operating in Eastern Ghouta. The consultant told me that Tariq had been identified ‘as an al-Nusra guy with a track record of making mustard gas in Iraq and someone who is implicated in making and using sarin’. He is regarded as a high-profile target by the American military.

On 20 June a four-page top secret cable summarising what had been learned about al-Nusra’s nerve gas capabilities was forwarded to David R. Shedd, deputy director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. ‘What Shedd was briefed on was extensive and comprehensive,’ the consultant said. ‘It was not a bunch of “we believes”.’ He told me that the cable made no assessment as to whether the rebels or the Syrian army had initiated the attacks in March and April, but it did confirm previous reports that al-Nusra had the ability to acquire and use sarin.

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FSA groups Anfaal and Syrian Revolutionaries Joins Syrian Army and gives them their U.S. TOW missles

Yarmouk Camp: It is official, the entire terrorist group known as the Anfaal Brigades led by Abu Maazin Al-Rifaa’iy and some members of the Syrian Revolutionaries’ Front, have voluntarily given up all their arms (including the TOW launchers and rockets provided by the U.S.) to the security services in exchange for amnesty and the opportunity to serve in the Popular Defense Committees (a/k/a NDF). The agreement took months to hammer out, but, essentially commits the government to several conditions: the first is acceptance into the Amnesty Program; the second is absorption of the Anfaal fighters into the PDC to protect the area of Al-Dhiyaabiyya, the home town of many members. At the present time, the new volunteers will be garrisoned in Al-Husayniyya Residencies where they will receive training in communications and intelligence-gathering from the SAA.

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Syria agrees to UN fact-finding mission in Aleppo

BEIRUT (AP) — The United Nations envoy to Syria is sending a mission to the contested city of Aleppo to determine the situation on the ground and help ensure that … Continue reading

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