How to Fight ISIS Online

We may control the Air, but the enemy controls the airwaves (Media).

Ocalan brings an end to the 40 year struggle of the PKK in Turkey

Kurds commit to Turkish peace process as PKK leader announces definitive end to ’40-year-long armed struggle’ with the state …………..Above the jubilant cheers of the hundreds of thousands of Kurds … Continue reading

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Democratic Confederalism by Abdullah Ocalan

For more than thirty years the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) has been struggling for the legitimate rights of the Kurdish
people. Our struggle, our fight for liberation turned the Kurdish question into an international issue which affected the entire
Middle East and brought a solution of the Kurdish question within reach. When the PKK was formed in the 1970s the international ideological and political climate was characterized by the bipolar world of the Cold War and the conflict between the socialist and the capitalist camps.

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PKK to Heed Disarmament Call in Turkey

BY AL-MASDAR NEWS ON MARCH 8, 2015MIDDLE EAST The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) will end its armed struggle in Turkey barring serious provocations which could derail the solution process, a former leader … Continue reading

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