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We may control the Air, but the enemy controls the airwaves (Media).


The Nusra force is about 3,500 rats – a formidable combat unit which is also experiencing many defections from the Syrian citizens within it. Estimates are now that the Nusra army here is 90% foreigners with hundreds being from Central Asia and the Caucasus. That is what’s left of the Nusra organization in Handaraat. Erdoghan continues to ferry in supplies but with the SAA now controlling traditionally open supply routes north of this area, we are hearing, more and more, of SAAF sorties and bombings of convoys coming out of Turkey.

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FSA groups Anfaal and Syrian Revolutionaries Joins Syrian Army and gives them their U.S. TOW missles

Yarmouk Camp: It is official, the entire terrorist group known as the Anfaal Brigades led by Abu Maazin Al-Rifaa’iy and some members of the Syrian Revolutionaries’ Front, have voluntarily given up all their arms (including the TOW launchers and rockets provided by the U.S.) to the security services in exchange for amnesty and the opportunity to serve in the Popular Defense Committees (a/k/a NDF). The agreement took months to hammer out, but, essentially commits the government to several conditions: the first is acceptance into the Amnesty Program; the second is absorption of the Anfaal fighters into the PDC to protect the area of Al-Dhiyaabiyya, the home town of many members. At the present time, the new volunteers will be garrisoned in Al-Husayniyya Residencies where they will receive training in communications and intelligence-gathering from the SAA.

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