How to Fight ISIS Online

We may control the Air, but the enemy controls the airwaves (Media).

How to Fight ISIS Online (4.6) – English

By MopUpISIS Taking down ISIS Web Sites is like shooting Fish in a barrel There is so many targets out there right now on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Sendvid all are … Continue reading

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Wie zur Bekämpfung von ISIS Online (4.6) – Deutsch

Von MopUpISIS Abbau ISIS Web Sites ist wie das Schießen Fische in einem Fass Es gibt so viele Ziele heraus dort im Augenblick auf Twitter, Facebook, YouTube und Sendvid alle mit … Continue reading

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Al-Qaida fighter turned MI6 spy urges effort to ‘confuse’ Islamic State

Aimen Dean is an unusual example of a poacher turned gamekeeper. The talkative Bahraini is sought after for his understanding of the Islamic State, now expanding across Syria and Iraq … Continue reading

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The Last Interview with Ahmad Shah Masood

Originally posted on Ian Bach:
Hoja Bahauddin, early August, 2001 conducted by Piotr Balcerowicz The interview – apparently the last one given by Ahmad Shah Masood, the famous ‘Lion of…

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The Threat Posed by Islamic State ISIS – David Kilcullen

Originally posted on Ian Bach:
David Kilcullen: It’s different in three major ways. Firstly, it is much bigger and more militarily capable than al-Qaida ever was. It has tanks, it…

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Member of YPG Military Council Sozdar Derik on Liberation of Mabruka

Originally posted on Personal Website of Mutlu Civiroglu:
Can you tell us about the operation for liberating the town of Mabruka from ISIS? What is the strategic importance of the…

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Ghost Sec Speaks with “24′ News Group

The Electronic battle against al Daash terrorist is open to everyone to participate and unleash the campaigns capabilities. It is able to clamp down on the media arm of ISIS … Continue reading

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CIA’s Ex-No. 2 Says ISIS ‘Learned From Snowden’

The former deputy director of the CIA says in a new book that the NSA contractor’s disclosures allowed the forerunners of the terrorist group to evade electronic surveillance. Edward Snowden’s … Continue reading

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8 Security Practices to Use in Your Employee Training and Awareness Program

This might be hard to believe, but it is true: 59 percent of data breaches are happening not because of some smart hacker who wants to do harm to your company but because of your own employees.

In order to stop these incidents, you have to focus on two things (other than investing in new technology): set your internal processes and procedures correctly, and train your employees and make them aware of the security threats. In this article, I’ll focus on the second issue, which topics to include in your security training and awareness program.

The suggestions below are applicable regardless of whether your employees are using smartphones or computers, or if they’re using their own devices or company equipment.
1) Authentication

Of course, your employees must use complex passwords, and must never tell these passwords to anyone.

This is because if their computer, laptop, smartphone, or any other device gets stolen, not only will the thief control all the data on this device – he will also be able to penetrate your company network and create havoc with your company data.

The best practice is to use special software called password managers because with such software, your employees will need to remember only one complex password, while the password manager will remember all the others. And the good thing is that one and the same password manager can be used for all the employee’s devices.

Further, for most important services like email and file sharing, your employees should use even more advanced techniques like two-factor authentication – such techniques are available for free these days from most of the cloud providers, and offer a higher level of security, even if the passwords get compromised.

These two-factor authentication systems can work together with a phone (by sending a text message to a legitimate user) or with special USB keys – without them, access to the account would not be allowed.
2) Network connection

Unfortunately, wireless connections have proved to be very unsafe. For example, your employees should avoid Bluetooth whenever possible because it has proved to be the easiest to break.

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Fight ISIS online – Beginners Guide

Virtual Private Network (VPN) A virtual private network is a connection from your computer to another network. Some of you may be familiar with these type of connections as they are widely used by businesses to handle their internal communications needs and to allow employees to access systems from remote locations. Setup properly, they can also be used by anyone to create a safer connection to the internet and have the added benefit of disguising your true location. Click the link below for a short tutorial on the different types of
VPN connections and encryption. Virtual Private Networks

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It is not the voice of the terrorist that we seek hide from or put our heads in the Sand and ask “please make the bad man go away”.
Instead when we have humans who report potential ISIS web sites and those are reviewed. Some are monitored others are sut down ASAP. If you see something I would be happy to look at it and let you know what I think it actually is. Often I have been amazed at things people have asked me to help with. in 2007/08 I was contacted 8 different times 8 different users about 8 fake Mil IDs on Yahoo that were saying very abusive stuff to military families. So the military families contacted me they pointed out the flaws the person made mistakes that a Lt. Col. would not have, (like in one Case).

April 29, 2015 · 1 Comment

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